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July 26, 2012

Koh Chang Escapade - Mak Mak Family Restaurant is a Must DO

When dining on Koh Chang, don't miss Mak Mak Family Restaurant in Kai Bae. From what I've read, it is owned by a Dutch/ Thai couple. The restaurant's big sign caught our attention while walking along the main road looking for a place to eat. The restaurant was empty when we got there. We sat in the open courtyard and ordered. People began to come half way through our meal.

The restaurant serves Thai and Western dishes. We only got to dine in there once but boy we were so glad we did! Everything we ate was scrumptious!

I ordered beef lasagna. The meat sauce was superb. The only drawback of this dish was that there were more meat than lasagna. I love pasta dishes. It would have been nice if there were more pasta sheets than meat.

We munched these fried cashew nuts while waiting for the rest of our food.

 M ordered pizza with half pepperoni, half salami. Me and sis don't eat pork so we didn't try this one but she said it was good.

M had daikiri, I had lemon shake and sis had banana smoothie. I only had a sip of my sis's drinks and I wished I ordered the same. Not all banana smoothie has the right taste but this one tasted great! It had no bitter banana taste.

My sis ordered pizza with half tuna half eggplant. I had one slice of both.  Great tasting pizza with a crisp bottom. Yummers!

This is the guy responsible for their delicious thin crust pizza. It is in this separate building  where he kneads the dough and bakes the crust.  I asked  if I could take a picture of him while working. He smiled so I snapped.

If you are ever on Koh Chang, please do check out this restaurant. You are not going to regret it.

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