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February 27, 2014

Cake Truffles Are Cake Pops Without Sticks

I wish I had a lot more time at my disposal so I can improve my skills in creating the best desserts for the guests at the resort. I run the bakery and execute bakery duties single-handedly. The only time I get assistance is when there are events like Christmas and New Year where there are hundreds of people attending. I love what I do  but with my hands full, I only get minimal time to make my treats more festive and attractive and less time to correct mistakes. Like these cake balls. I so wanted to decorate them beautifully but  just coating the balls with chocolate took forever. Seriously! Problem was I had  a wire rack but it  is just too big to fit in the fridge so I had to use a fridge rack. When I poured the melted chocolate over the balls, instead of dripping, the chocolate  settled on the surface because the holes weren't big enough for the chocolate to go through. I only managed to coat a few, I stopped and took bamboo skewers. I hurriedly inserted each into the balls and continued. I made a hundred pieces of cake balls and coating took more time than I had planned and expected.

Basically you need a cake and frosting. You can use any frosting depending on your preferences. With these cake balls I went for a pound cake. I crumbled it and mixed it with vanilla frosting.  I formed them into balls and then into the freezer to harden  up.

I ladled the melted dark chocolate over some of  the balls.

That didn't work out well so the rest were dipped into the melted chocolate. I placed them into a cookie sheet lined with non stick baking paper. I put them back to the fridge to harden up the coating.

I popped them into mini muffin liners. I used melted white chocolate for decoration. Well, this is the best I could do.