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October 29, 2014

A Surprise Birthday Cake

The resort's in-house DJ got a wonderful surprise on his birthday with this beautiful cake. It was a sudden request  from my boss and I was surprised I managed to put it all together on time. Whew! The request was all chocolate cake. I made chocolate chiffon cake  and covered it in classic chocolate butter cream icing.

I thought the addition of white shell border would add a nice finish to the cake. I piped the borders and wrote the inscription using vanilla frosting. You may wonder if both frosting were made separately. No, they were not.  I whipped up vanilla butter cream, set aside a small portion before I added the cocoa powder to make  chocolate frosting. Easier and faster that way than make two separate butter icing. On the side,  I arranged  sliced almonds neatly.

October 26, 2014

Amici On My Birthday

What better way to spend my birthday than having Italian food at the restaurant I have been meaning to try? I got a surprise birthday treat from a friend. She and I went to celebrate at the newest Italian restaurant called Amici located behind Bei Otto German restaurant,  just across from Central Festival Mall in Chaweng. She has been there once before and she highly recommended  the food. Since it's my birthday,  I think it's time I try it for myself.

October 22, 2014

Korean Nami Restaurant

The first time I had Korean dish  was back in college. No, I did not go to Korea for my degree. I had classmates who came all the way from Korea to do their studies in the university I attended. It was them who introduced me to their cuisine. Kamsahamnida guys!

That first encounter with an unfamiliar dish was a unique but odd experience. I'd felt  a burst of different flavors  which I could not analyze. Honestly, it was not a love at first bite. I wanted to appreciate the new flavors I came to know.  I thought if I could  have a little portion every time I go to potlucks with my Korean friends, my taste buds would learn to adjust in no time. So they did . As I grow older  I found myself fascinated with Korean cuisine.  And that was how my love affair with Korean food started.

October 18, 2014

A Cake For A Grand Birthday Celebration

It would only be a few more weeks before the end of the year. Between now and the holiday season, there are still a number of events lined up.  A few days ago, the resort hosted a grand birthday celebration for a man who was turning the big 8-0. Friends and family came for the big event. They were the largest group among all the celebrants we have had. For the occasion, I was commissioned to make a two-tiered chocolate mud cake. The cake was iced with chocolate butter cream in a rustic style and embellished with fresh white roses.

October 14, 2014

Food! Glorious Food!

Attending Le Cordon Blue Culinary School has helped me develop a greater range of taste and gave me a deeper appreciation for European cuisine. I tend to crave for new flavors and texture since I was introduced to such foods. On the resort island where I live and work, the influx of Westerners wanting to settle down or spend their holiday  has lead to a boom in  restaurants offering European dishes.  There are so many choices which makes it difficult to decide where to go and what to try. The only way to do it is try different restaurants one at a time.

So last week, I accepted a friend's invite to join her for late breakfast at a French bakery in Lamai called La Fabrique. Eating breakfast outside sounded fun. It's not how I usually spend my day off but I only get to see her once a week.  I also had not tried their food so why not. I went and had the best breakfast so far since moving to the island. I was more than satisfied :) See the happy face?

October 11, 2014

Soft Muesli Cookie

After years of intense experience, I learned to be spontaneous in baking. It's all good when I have the ingredients on hand. Without them, it's not possible. One time, I just realized it had been a while since I served oatmeal cookie for turn down service. What took me so long to make them again?  As  I was sifting the flour with cinnamon, baking soda and salt,  I remembered I was out of oats. That's it. How could I possibly forget?  I usually keep track of my supplies but somehow my mind was occupied with something else. Oh well, I had already started. I might as well continue. What about oatmeal? Out of nowhere, an idea to use muesli in place of oats struck me. I based the recipe on the same oatmeal cookie I posted in August but tweaked it once more. The result was even better. Soft and chewy muesli cookie.

October 8, 2014

Vegetarian Thali

A perfect day out for me starts with a morning  stroll by the ocean, followed by a massage and ends with a lovely meal which is always the highlight of my day. Two weeks ago, I treated myself again to a hearty lunch. I ditched pasta this time to satisfy my cravings for Indian food. I tried Noori India at Central Festival Mall Food Plaza and it really hit the spot.

Noori offers all my favorite Indian dishes, from chicken tika masala to biryani. I tried their vegetarian set meal called thali and  I was immediately smitten. The spices  were well balanced. The  hotness was tolerable. I've had similar dishes before. They were good but a little too rich for me.  I prefer Noori's as they were not overwhelming at all. I have yet to try other dishes.  Well, that is something I look forward to.

October 4, 2014

Catering For Last-Minute Request

I was trained to work under pressure to meet a deadline at the culinary school. Although it was difficult to keep up in a fast-paced environment, I was able to overcome the hardships through perseverance. At work, my skills are tested  when I get last-minute order for birthday cakes, It is quite a challenge I tell you. Not that I run out of ideas. I have plenty of them. The question is time.  Given the nature of my job, it is not always possible to make what I have pictured in mind in a short period of time.

October 1, 2014

Simply Irresistible Dessert

Panna cotta is a delightful dessert perfect for any occasion. It's one of the many popular desserts we have on our Sunday brunch menu at the resort. This simple and easy to make recipe can be prepared  in no time. Seriously. All it requires is heating the milk and cream with sugar and vanilla seeds. Add the softened gelatine and voila! You get a great tasting treat!