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July 29, 2016

A Double Birthday Celebration

Throwing a joint birthday celebration for people whose birthdays fall on the same month is just reasonable and less expensive. Like I said in my previous entry, we had a big group staying with us for couple of weeks during which the little boy and his dad's birthday were celebrated. For this occasion, preparations were easy. They booked a dinner with us and the restaurant and kitchen crew did the rest. They went ala carte and had two cakes for desserts. What a stress free celebration!

Here's the three-pound chocolate cake I made for the father.  I decided to go for vanilla icing out of the blue. I wanted to create a cake that's soothing to the eye. I divided the icing in half. I  tinted the half portion with pale blue. Using two leaf piping nozzles, I alternately piped white and blue icing on the side of the cake. Easy.