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July 25, 2012

Koh Chang Escapade - M's Birthday Dinner

The three of us plunged into the pool after a quick tour of the surrounding area of the resort we were staying.  We swam a few laps, talked a bit, took loads of pictures and then headed out to get lunch. We chose to dine at the resort to try their menu.  Since it's M's birthday, she offered to pay.

Sis ordered mango shake. I had no idea how much mango the lady put in big sis' drink but it did taste artificial. I had chocolate shake. M had young coconut shake. We were both happy with our drinks.

We ordered fried tofu with peanut sauce.The tofu were good but the veggies that came with them were not fresh. They tasted like they had been prepared in the morning.

 The egg tofu and seaweed soup was good. The baby corn's bitter flavor had an affect on taste and flavor of the soup though.

 Fried red snapper with mango sauce. I love sour green mango so I enjoyed this dish so much. I think I ate most of the shredded mango in the sauce.

We jumped out of pool and just threw dry shirt on before we left our room. We ate while we were still dripping wet!

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