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June 30, 2013

Strolling around George Town, Penang, Malaysia

A street in George Town

 I spent my second day in Penang strolling around George Town. The architecture is of local, Indian, Islamic and Chinese influence. The buildings serve as attractions in themselves. Here are some which caught my attention.

June 28, 2013

My Penang, Malaysia Trip - Enjoying food down Chulia Street

I was in Penang, Malaysia again after more than a decade. So much has changed in the Malaysian state since my first visit in 1999. I was not aware of a lot of things during my previous visit. I did not even try Malaysian food. When I visited a few weeks back, I made sure I don't miss out on eating  local cuisine.

A few steps away from the guesthouse where I stayed was an eatery selling a wide selection of Malaysian and Chinese dishes. It's a self-service restaurant. I'd been there a few times and each time I went, I tried different dish. The food was all good and cheap too! If you happen to be on Jalan Chulia (Julia Street) at Georgetown, try them for yourself. The restaurant is close to Banana Guesthouse.

June 27, 2013

Street Food in Penang

For any budget travelers, eating street food makes traveling easier. George Town in Penang has it all. I had  noodle soup as my first meal. The noodle was bland but it did fill my hungry stomach.

June 25, 2013

Sunset at The Passage

The restaurant where I work is right by the beach. I have the privilege of enjoying a spectacular sunset view when the weather is fine. I was taking a break when I saw the sun setting on the horizon. I ran to grab my camera and snapped a picture of the sun before it disappeared.

June 23, 2013

International Buffet and Barbeque at The Terrace Restaurant

Clockwise: Mixed vegetable hydroponic Salad, Potato salad, beef salad with wasabi sauce and assorted sushi

High season begins in Thailand. The Passage is getting busy. The whole staff at the resort is working hard to prepare for the influx of guests from all over the country and beyond. To welcome our first guests of the season, we hosted a buffet and barbeque event. Well, sort of. There was a downpour on the day of the event. (Thailand is approaching monsoon).The rain ruined every thing we had planned. Instead of char grilling meat and seafood on a wood fire, the chef grilled them in the kitchen using an electric grill. We set up the buffet inside the restaurant. In spite of the wet weather, our guests set the mood for an evening of fun, food and laughter. Thanks everyone. You rocked!

June 21, 2013

Romantic Dinner Set Up

I have a lot to learn working at the restaurant. Just recently, a couple staying at the resort booked a romantic dinner for two on the beach.  A storm came unexpectedly just before sunset so we had to transfer everything from the beach to the restaurant. Every one worked together to create a romantic atmosphere for our dear guests before the appointed time. It was a success.

June 18, 2013


The restaurant where I work is pursuing something more challenging. Flambeing main course and dessert in full view of guests. As I was told, no restaurant on Koh Samui has done it so our  F& B Manager has this goal to make our restaurant the first to offer the kind of service to customers.

So what is flambe? It is a cooking procedure in which food is drenched in alcohol and ignited.  The method is used not only to add flavor but also to give that elegant finished to the dish.

June 15, 2013

Wine Course

I have been away from the blogosphere for a month. Just so my readers know, I relocated to the island in the south of Thailand. Remember the post about my business trip to Koh Samui? It was actually an interview and I got the job. I went back to Bangkok to spend a week with my mom who was visiting before I flew back into the island.

I work at a restaurant of a 4-star resort for 9 hours a day, even more when there is high occupancy. I only get a day off which is Saturday. So on my day of rest, I lazily spend it listening to gospel songs, reading my Bible and sleeping. Even I had plenty of time, it is not possible to update my blog as my aging laptop is running really slow. Some programs do not work as good. I use another computer to modify photos. Posting takes ages to complete so I am really disappointed. I am doing it one at a time so I can at least keep my dear readers posted.

In the past month, a lot has happened. Only a few days since I started  with my new job, I learned about wine. Funny that I had to learn wine pairing so I could recommend it to our guests when I do not even drink.

The wine course was so informative. I had never thought wines have variety.  After discussion, I was surprised when the wine pro representative announced she's giving a test.  I answered the questions by guessing and a little help from my bar manager friend. :) I passed.  I got a certificate after I learned the  results of my test! Woohoo!  I'll see if I can ever master it.