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July 13, 2012

We are into Japanese stuff these days

Japanese movies, Japanese drama, Japanese food. For the past 3 months, ate and I have been smitten by Japanese related stuff. Actually we don't know what got us into liking  things from the Land of the Rising Sun. Perhaps it all started when we watched  Japanese movies one after the other for weeks. Or maybe it's because we have had Japanese food countless times now. Or probably  because my sister and I had discovered a lot of good things about Japan when  her class  portrayed its cultures and traditions during the Heritage Day at NIVA International School and the discovery made us want to visit the country soon. Whatever the reason is we have no idea,  but we sure are enjoying our new passion.

For our dinner  Saturday evening, we consumed salad seasoned with Japanese salad dressing. My, it was good that I had three servings.

Just a sprinkle of the dressing on these veggies made us feel we're having a gourmet salad experience.

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