June 26, 2010

Sugar Showpiece Exam

Today our skills on sugarwork were once again tested. Contrary to what I have said before, I now enjoy sugarwork and was able to make better looking flowers and sugarballs for my showpiece. I wish we had more lessons on this as I have come to take pleasure in doing it.

The decorations for the showpiece are made from water, sugar and glucose heated at 160-162 degrees Celcius. Tartaric acid is added when the syrup reaches 155 degrees celcius . To stop the temperature of the syrup from rising, it is plunged in ice water. The syrup is poured into SILPAT to let it cool a bit. When the edges have cooled off, the folding starts. When it has stabilized ( this means it doesn't spread out easily) , the cooked syrup is rolled and pulled many times until it becomes shiny. This process is called Satinage.

The base is also made from the same mixture but without Tartaric Acid as this will soften the candy syrup if added. It is cooked at the same temperature as the pulled sugar.

The syrup being cooked.

My blown sugar

The flowers I made from pulled sugar.

The tip of my drop-shape base decorated with sugar bubbles, flowers and leaves.

My sugar showpiece. It's not so organized so I wasn't contented with it.

Superior Patisserie 2 with Chef Fabrice after the six-hour long Sugar showpiece exam. We all passed!


  1. nice,sang lugar puyan dito sa pinas

  2. 5 years nakong nag susugar,blowing at pulling, meron paba kayong advance sugar. and how much naman ang tuision jan,,thanks,god bless

  3. sorry i just saw your comments. Busy kase sa work. I did my training in Bangkok at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School. You can check their website kase itong sugar work part sya ng superior course. San ka nag aral ng sugarcraft.

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