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July 29, 2016

A Double Birthday Celebration

Throwing a joint birthday celebration for people whose birthdays fall on the same month is just reasonable and less expensive. Like I said in my previous entry, we had a big group staying with us for couple of weeks during which the little boy and his dad's birthday were celebrated. For this occasion, preparations were easy. They booked a dinner with us and the restaurant and kitchen crew did the rest. They went ala carte and had two cakes for desserts. What a stress free celebration!

July 24, 2016

Cake Design Failure

The resort I work at go all out for guests staying for extended period of time. We provide  them complimentary services and great restaurant deals. This month, we had a large group staying for more than two weeks. During their time at the resort, we found out that one of the guests and his son were both having their birthdays. For this special celebration, they requested I make two kinds of cake. Three pound carrot cake iced with cream cheese frosting for the little boy. Another three pound chocolate cake frosted with vanilla butter cream for the dad which I will talk about in my next entry.

July 20, 2016

Helen's 40th

For some, turning 40 is a big milestone and  meant to be celebrated. Just like a female guest of the resort who marked her 40th birthday with a huge bang (not literally). She started her celebration in the morning, from the time they came down for breakfast. The restaurant crew had set up tables for her and her friends complete with a small flower arrangement and balloons. I made a two-tiered red velvet cake which was served to her at breakfast.

July 16, 2016

Premixes make my work easier

When things get crazy and tough, I turn to premixes to make my job less of a hassle. Working non-stop with only a quick break for a meal (5 minutes when it's extremely busy at work), I learned to change my perspective on how to get things done. Whatever I do now would definitely disappoint my patisserie instructor but I need to adapt to  ever changing situations.

July 11, 2016

Pink Vanilla Cupcake

Having a big group with kids coming to a party? Why not serve cupcakes? You can't go wrong with it. For the last three years, I have learned what to serve to different age groups attending the resort's famous brunch.Cupcakes are especially popular among kids so I make them as pleasing as possible.

July 6, 2016

Never-ending demand for chocolate cake

I have finally gotten an assistant after three years! It may seem that my workload has been reduced but it's the opposite. Since I got somebody to help me, the resort has stopped outsourcing other bakery goods. The demands have skyrocketed and the requests for cakes are never-ending. Good thing the guests always request for chocolate cake, so frequent that I no longer turn to my recipe when I whip it up.