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July 18, 2010

Cake Exam

This cake exam is based on the Doceur Chocolat Blanc Et Fruits Rouge. The cake was judged according to the criteria the pastry chefs had formed namely unique design, taste: no frozen mousse and compote, (just so you know, we use mousse not buttercream to create gateaux style cakes) and technique.

My initial plan was to make a round cake but as time went by, I heard so many students talked about how easy a round cake is to handle and decorate so I figured there would be so many of that kind. Design was the primary aspect of the exam cake. I wanted to present something different but this would mean changing everything I roughly designed. After a series of inquiries, I got the suggestions and advice from different chefs. The new design came out nice. To top it off, my cake was praised for being the ONLY cake that wasn't frozen.

I passed!