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March 31, 2010

Practical 27 & Workshop 28 Breadmaking and Yule Log

Workshop 28 - Boulangerie - The Art of Breadmaking

Crown Fendu was made from sour dough steam-baked at 250 degrees celcius.

Practicals 25-26 Feuille D' Automne (Autumn Leaf) and Cassis Vanille (Blackcurrant Vanilla)

Practical 26 - Feuille D' Automne (Autumn Leaf)

Basic components of this cake were 3 chocolate meringue disks and chocolate mousse. The disks were arranged in layers. Each layer was covered with chocolate mousse. The whole cake was then wrapped with a band made from melted chocolate. The top was covered with chocolate fans.

What are bands and fans? You might wonder. They are 58% chocolate melted in a bowl placed over simmering water ( Bain marie as the French say). When the chocolate reached 50 degrees celcius, it was poured in to a tray and spread out until the entire surface of the tray was covered. (If using a cookie sheet, use its backside). The chocolate was chilled to set. Once the chocolate became firm, it was removed from the chiller and was left at room temperature to soften. How soft? Soft enough that when you scrape it you don't feel any resistance.

A 3-layered cake, sides decorated with fans...made by Chef Willy. His fans were way better than mine.

Practicals 22-24 Caramel Noisette, Passionata, Dome Aux Marron

Practical 24 Caramel Noisette

Practicals 19-21 Tresor Vanille Framboise,Plaisir and Douceur Chocolat

Practical 21 - Tresor Vanille- Framboise ( Raspberry and Vanilla Treasure)
Another recipe that called for an almond dacquoise base. Layers of raspberry mousse and vanilla chiboust cream were arranged on top of each other , each was shaped into a dome. The top was caramelized and glazed.

Tip: Make sure the raspberry mousse is firm enough before covering it with vanilla chiboust cream.

Vanilla Chiboust cream on top of raspberry mousse. Icing sugar was sprinkled on the sides. Raspberries were used in decoration.