March 10, 2013

Eating Chinese Fast Food In Laos

My most loved cafeteria dishes are braised chicken with potatoes, tomato and eggs, fish with ginger. The set meal had a huge serving of rice. Very filling!

 It was a long bus ride from Bangkok to Vientianne.  My estimated time of arrival in Laos was 6 in the evening. It was Sunday night and the Thai -Lao Friendship Bridge over Mekong River was busy. Not knowing the new policy  for arriving tourists in Laos and with all the Lao people heading back from a day trip to the nearest Thai city,  it took me ages to pass through the immigration. By the time I got to Talat Sao bus station in Vientianne, it was past 8.  I was famished.

My cousin's boyfriend picked me up on his motorcycle. On my cousin's recommendation, he took me to a newly built mall. My eyes grew big when I saw the big sign of this cafeteria style Chinese restaurant. I couldn't stop smiling. I felt like I was back in the university cafeteria in China.

There were an extensive choices of Chinese dishes.  A set meal consists of  rice, three viands and soup.  I am familiar with all the dishes but I chose my favorites. I asked the waitress to pack them. We then headed home as I was eager to see my cousin.

The set meal  cost Lao Kip 15,000. (Thai Baht 56; around $2)

I chose the braised chicken with potatoes on the right

Vegetable dish I had on my first night in Vientianne

 Food court   

The shopping mall where you can find the Cantonese Restaurant

 I went back to the restaurant the next day and the day I left. I couldn't be happier. Thanks Tita and Elmer!


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