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October 24, 2011

After You at Siam Paragon

Getting a good dessert is always a must when we dine out. So while having lunch at The Loft on my birthday, we discussed about where to  get dessert. My suggestion was to go to Siam Paragon and get dessert at After You. I had been telling them about it for months now. Since it was my birthday they all agreed.

When we arrived at Siam Paragon we found the place packed. The food we ate had not been fully digested so we didn't mind waiting. We booked for a table and sat in a corner to wait.

Mags ordered chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. Irene and Marthina had brownies with whipped cream on top

My Post Birthday Celebration

 For the continuation of my birthday celebration I took my sister and friends to lunch at The Loft , located on the 6th  floor of Central Chidlom. The place had an extensive selection of Thai and foreign dishes. Unlike other food court where you purchase a meal card before you could buy a meal, at The Loft the customer would be given a meal card with a balance of Thai Baht 1000 at the entrance. Any purchases he made would be deducted from his balance and after dining, present the card to the cashier.

As the four of us entered, a lady handed each of us our meal card. We looked for a convenient location to sit. We wanted to have a close access to the food but not too far from the toilet. And we found the right place. We sat and alternately ordered our food.

Mags ordered pizza. Irene had naan bread and chicken biryani which she shared with her daughter Marthina.

October 23, 2011

My Birthday Dinner

This was the first part of my birthday celebration. Not all my friends could make it to my birthday dinner so I planned on having another dinner for them. Our plan was to find another restaurant downtown so we could eat something different but my cousin who was in town for a week was flying back home to Philippines on the same day. He couldn't go farther so we decided to go to a nearest restaurant. Since my cousins hadn't tasted Chinese food at the restaurant where my sister celebrated her birthday in February, I suggested we go Chinese. My decision to let them have Chinese food did not disappoint. All of them liked the dishes we ordered. Not one single plate had leftovers in them.

Ma Po Tou fu

October 1, 2011

3rd Trip to The Bay Restaurant

 We were invited to a Saturday afternoon concert at one of our Adventist Churches in Bangkok. We were not expecting the concert to be a back-to-back performances of the visiting singing group from the Philippines and the other choir from the church where I regularly attend. The concert ran for a few hours and by the time the group sang their last piece, our tummies were growling. Soon as the Kodak moments were finished, we all agreed to eat together. The thing was, we couldn't decide  where to go so while my friend was driving, we had a little discussion on our preferences. We wanted to eat something good but reasonable in a place which wasn't a long drive from our places. We excluded The Mall, our common meeting place because we usually got dinner from there. One by one we said names of restaurants we had gone to before. It was either too far, too expensive, service was not too good. When one friend suggested The Bay,  we approved.

So off we went.

We ordered the usual garlic bread that came with tomato salsa. My sister's meal wasn't complete without mushroom soup. We also shared vegetarian pizza.