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July 22, 2012

Koh Chang Escapade - Part 1

To celebrate our friend M's birthday, we took a two day trip to Koh Chang, Thailand's second largest island. We left the city on a van on Sunday afternoon. We made many stops on the way to drop off other passengers so the travel took  more than 5 hours.   We spent a night in Trat as we were too late to catch  the ferry's last trip to the island.

The neighborhood of the guest house we stayed at.

Restaurants were already closed when we got to the town so we settled on eating red bean buns.

Residang Guesthouse.

 The sun had not risen yet and we were already on our way to Koh Chang. These hawkers greeted us as we entered the ferry.

The ferry had not gone that long when our tummies began to growl. We hadn't eaten a proper meal since we left BKK. We ate what was left in our bag of nuts.

We were nearing the island.

 Time for us to dock.

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