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February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Sister

My sister celebrated her birthday recently. It was her special day so I thought of creating something different for her, not the normal cake with a frosting but a cake that people from my circle wouldn't expect to see at a birthday gathering.

So for a few days I spent many hours browsing the web, looking for a really nice recipe when I stumbled upon this website of a woman in Singapore. I browsed the site, checked her recipes and had decided to try her chocolate cheesecake. Through her site, I was able to come up with a wonderful gift I could give my sister.

The colorful rocklets made this chocolate cheesecake tempting

Chocolate Fudge - True American Dessert

My friend, whose dad had been craving for a chocolate fudge cake, introduced me to this American dessert. He requested me to make one for him. It was my first time to hear about this particular dessert and I wanted to make it right so I googled it and found out that this cake can be baked or chilled. I found a simple recipe that only required melting the ingredients. I rang my friend to ask if that was the one he wanted. He said yes and I started preparing every thing I needed to make this dessert.

Marshmallow, butter, sugar went into the pan.