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August 12, 2012

Hua Hin Getaway on Mother's Day - Part 1

The long weekend for the Queen of Thailand's birthday celebrations which is also a day when Thais celebrate Mother's Day had given me the chance to go with Aunty Z and the "gang" to Hua Hin. We were accommodated in Aunty Z's humble abode.

It was past ten  when we arrived in Hua Hin. Aunty Z announced she'd cook for us but she needed help in preparations. The girls started to wash, peel, slice the veggies. I left them in the kitchen and walked around. It had been three years since my last visit. The plants had grown. Her caretaker had even started a vegetable  garden in the adjacent plot she and her husband had purchased. So many things had changed.

When I finished my tour, I went back to the kitchen to check on them.  My face turned into a sour expression when I saw the lady of the house slice bitter gourd. I think most people who know me know that I am not a fan of bitter gourd. I hated it when I was young. I eat it once in a while to get its nutritional benefits. That's it. But to savor it like how my sister and mom do, that's a challenge I can not embrace with a happy heart.

Dishes were served. Aunty called everyone to the table. As I saw this bowl of  bitter gourd salad, I thought I lost my appetite. Being a "mom" to us that moment, she insisted everyone get a share. She served us portion of this. She is vegan. She advised us to include raw food in our diet for its health benefits. I ate mine with lots of rice. Everyone had a good laugh when Aunty poured the remaining bitter gourd salad on my plate.

Another vegetarian dish. It's a soy protein chicken tinola cooked with chayote, malungay leaves and ginger.

We had a simple yet filling brunch.

Preparing meal.

We took a rest following a heavy meal. We plunged into the pool to relax and relieve our tired bodies.

We were surprised to see congee on the table when we got out of the pool.

We enjoyed the hot congee in the middle of the day out on the patio. Thanks Tita! (Filipino word for Aunty). Happy Mother's Day.

Here are some photos of the plants they grow.

 A garden plot where  tomatoes grow

Beautiful red gumamela

 Jack fruit tree

 Chinese bamboo trees had grown a few feet high since my last visit

Banana blossom. I was wishing to make  patties that day.

Calamansi Citrus fruit tree.

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