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August 26, 2012

Dessert at I Berry - Central World

Lunch at Spaghetti Factory was not even finished yet the girls and I were discussing where to go next for dessert. Moments later, the waitress came with a bill,  I paid and off we went. Normally after meal, we go window shopping/shopping to burn up the sugar we consumed.  But  I was not up for that. Not yet. I had just got out of work an hour ago and was drained of energy. The girls couldn't wait so I agreed to wander around  the mall only if we walk slowly.

Most items were on sale. How timely! My sister had been meaning to buy a pair of sneakers. We checked one shop after another. It took her  a while before she purchased a pair of New Balance green sneakers. At last!

Those hours of walking made us feel we needed to fuel our bodies again. Without any further discussions, we knew what to do. Give ourselves a treat! We  found a place called I Berry. We waited to be seated and ordered dessert.

I ordered what I thought was a good temptation. My palate couldn't tolerate the sweetness so I asked my sis and M to help me with it. They did but there was still some left over by the time they both had finished theirs. None of us dared finish my brownie.

My sister's macadamia cheesecake passed our taste's test with flying colors.There were plenty of macadamia nuts on the cake and we feasted on them.

M's Horlicks Chocolate cake was moist and delicious.

We all had Macha Green Tea to go with our sweet treat. I preferred a less strong metallic aftertaste though.
Our frothy cups of Matcha Green Tea.

Gone with the wind.

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