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August 2, 2012

Taste of India on Khao San Road

Our day out continued long into the night. My sis, Aunty Z and I hit Khao San Road. My feet and legs were  sore and exhausted from a long day's work so I went to get a foot massage at Charlie's while sis and Aunty Z walked around. They came back just in time for dinner.

Aunty Z suggested an Indian place called Taste of India. It is situated close to the eastern end of Khao San Road. The restaurant is on the second floor, right above a tailor shop.

Aunty Z ordered vegetarian biryani. The serving was more than enough for us to share. We even took the leftover home.

As soon as I was seated, I asked the owner/waiter?  if they had aloo pakora ( potato fritters). I ordered them right away.  I anticipated the taste similar to what I had at an Indian Restaurant in Dali, Yunnan  but these were completely different in terms of flavor and texture. Oh well, I just need to scout for other Indian restaurants to find the flavor I am looking for. Anyway, these were also good.

We also ordered vegetarian samosa. I'm used to seeing triangular shaped samosa. Imagine my surprise when a plate of two big long samosa sliced into pieces was served to us. These were delish!

The biryani tasted a lot better when the sauce was poured over it and mixed with the rice.

A meal bursting with so many flavors. Something I much appreciate!

 Mango lassi on the left, mango shake on the right.

Here are the sauces:
clockwise: pickled mango, sweetened mango, sweetened ginger and mint.

 Candies were given at the end of the meal.

 The arrow points to the stairs.

 The inside of Taste of India

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