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August 14, 2012

Hua Hin Getaway - The Night Market

One day is not enough to check out places in Hua Hin. The girls, Aunty and I were rushing to the sea as it was nearing dusk. Come 7 pm the restaurants along the beach would be closed and we all felt like having dinner by the sea.

Our tour guide Aunty Z  wanted us to see the Night Market so we headed to that direction, making our walking time longer. The shop owners were still in the middle of  arranging their goods when we arrived. Not the right time to shop. As I walked by, I feasted my eyes over the food and snapped pictures of them. I wanted to try the food here and there but we were running out of time.

Smoothie stall

Thai Spring Rolls

These intrigued me. Wish I had tried one.

Mango and sticky rice stall

Thai wine and kebabs

Jerky and coconut juice

Seafood omelette

Chicken satay

Pad Thai

Not so busy when you come early.

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