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August 5, 2012

Care for Cake Pops?

What are cake pops? They are bite-sized balls of cake and frosting. A great way to use  scraps trimmed off the cake is to make cake pops. It's a waste of money to toss them so I turn them into a delicious sweet treat. I make cake pops once a week. It's always a huge hit among the customers especially the kids.

When the chocolate coating snaps, it reveals a  delicious melt-in-your-mouth treat.

Cake Pops


Crumble the cake scraps with your fingers or fork until very fine. Stir the frosting with a spoon to hold them together.Continue mixing until the frosting is fully incorporated. Chill until hardened. This is to make the rolling easy.

Line the baking sheet with wax paper. ( I forgot to do this and it was difficult to remove them). Take  a bit  of the cake mixture and roll into a smooth ball. My rolling skills are not good so my balls are uneven. I need more practice.

As you fill each sheet, put the balls in the freezer to harden. Continue until all the mixture is used up.

Stick each ball into a lollipop stick. I didn't have it so I used a skewer instead. I removed the pointy end and wrapped the skewer with a ribbon to give it a nice look.

 I don't have a pops decorating stand so I used an egg tray. It's really an efficient tool in decorating pops.

  Dip each ball in tempered chocolate until coated. Tap each ball and twirl a little to get rid of excess.

Sprinkle with  nuts of your choice or jimmies or any thing you'd like to decorate it with. Freeze to harden.

 I put half of the cake balls into  mini muffin liners and sold them in batches.

The rest were sold individually.

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