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July 16, 2016

Premixes make my work easier

When things get crazy and tough, I turn to premixes to make my job less of a hassle. Working non-stop with only a quick break for a meal (5 minutes when it's extremely busy at work), I learned to change my perspective on how to get things done. Whatever I do now would definitely disappoint my patisserie instructor but I need to adapt to  ever changing situations.

Here's a sample of an adjustment I made.. A  local supplier of a European premixes  has introduced me to a product I'd never knew existed.  It's mascarpone mixture that  needs water and heavy cream to create tiramisu cream. I was doubtful at first as I was not sure if  it could compete with the one made from scratch. Using the recipe as a guide, I made a few modifications by replacing water with milk. Instead of mixing the two with heavy cream, I folded whipped cream into the mixture. I also added a dollop of mascarpone cheese to create a creamier and smoother texture.  The result was a resounding success. It has become one of the most popular desserts at the resort.

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