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November 1, 2012

My Farewell Dinner at Ethos, Khao San Road

Another chapter of my life is over. Yesterday was my last day at the bakery. As I look back over the past 22 months, I can truly say that I focused my time to advancing  my new career. Though I met a lot of struggles and hardships in my first few months, my big boss and the supervisor at Mission Bakery have my undying gratitude for their continued support during those trying times. I will surely miss working at the bakery but it is time for me to move on, to soar higher. In the meantime, I will take a  break from my monotonous daily routine,  catch up on a lot of things and concentrate on this blog. 

And to celebrate my leaving, a family friend took me out for dinner at Ethos Vegetarian Restaurant on Khao San Road.

If you are on Khao San and looking for a great place to eat vegetarian , Ethos is the place. They have an extensive choices of Thai, Indian, Eastern and Western Food. The price is reasonable and the food is delicious. The relaxing atmosphere, the world music and the soft lighting created a perfect combination to enjoy a meal. For anyone who is new in the area, the restaurant might be difficult to find as it is located in the backstreet. All I remember is I walked past a silver shop on Tanao Road and turned right. There is also a tailor shop near it.

This is a great place to getaway from the sounds of busy Khao San Road.

This mango lassi was refreshing and good on its own, not rich and creamy like the ones I had at Mediterranean and Indian Restaurants.

Hibiscus tea

Veggie burger. Bert put 2 sauces in it. He let me  bite but ended up biting twice. The bursting of flavor in my mouth made me forget the hardness of these whole wheat buns.

Salad with Indonesian soy product called tempeh.

For me, this lasagna was good but it lacked in flavor. You know when you eat lasagna and you get the good combo of cheese and tomato sauce. That's the flavor I was looking for. I think it would have tasted a lot better if the tomato sauce was cooked with it but as you can see the tomato sauce and lasagna were cooked separately but served together on a dish.


Make a perfect vegetarian sandwich with falafel and pita and top it with salad and hummus. Delightful!

Look at those food.

Pancakes are not just for breakfast.  We got this for dessert. Wholewheat blueberry pancake served with coconut cream. Divine!

Bert, Kathlyn, Aunty Myrna and I enjoying a wonderful time together at ETHOS. Thanks for the meal guys.I can't wait for my next visit :)

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