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September 14, 2012

Bei Otto German Restaurant on Sukhumvit 20

Weeks back, a friend gave me an assignment to find a place for his birthday celebration.  His birthday had long  since passed but he wanted to treat the group anyway. Due to our busy schedule, my friends and I couldn't find the time to meet together so  dinner had been postponed several times.

While the others were doing their business, I was busy searching for a restaurant. As I was contemplating, Bei Otto German Restaurant came to mind. I was there with my "adoptive" family for some occasion 13 years ago. I don't remember the dishes but what I remember was the food being good. We've had Mexican, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai and Indian food together but never German. I suggested it to them and everyone seemed okay with it.

Last weekend, everyone was able to spare some time to meet up for dinner, finally!

The restaurant was full when we got there. Good thing our friend made a reservation otherwise we would have to wait to be seated.

My sis, cousin and I don't drink. We ordered kiwi juice, lemon juice and chamomile tea respectively. The rest ordered beer.

A toast for the birthday celebrant

I had never tried goulash before. I have seen how it is prepared and cooked  on cooking shows and read about it on recipe books. Now we had a chance to eat it.  I suggested  beef goulash with pasta to my cousin so we could try it. We were not disappointed.The meat was tender, the sauce was thick and rich.The pasta was great with the goulash sauce too.

M, I, Dr. R and Mark shared meat and sausage platter

 I ordered mashed potato, broccoli gratin and veal sausage. Nothing fancy but a good meal.

Here's what my sis and I thought was great food. We saw the word mushroom pancake on the menu and thought it was a mistake. "It's probably  pizza" we said. We're  surprised to see pancake topped with mushroom when it was served. I tell you, it's delectable.

Everything we ordered was filling but we made  room for dessert. We ordered black forest, cheesecake and apple strudel served with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream.

I decided to order this because I knew for a fact that this cake originated in Germany. The menu said Genuine Black Forest. I learned a French version of this cake at the culinary school. It was rich, moist and delicious. The cherry taste was also discernible. But this cake was so different from the ones I have learned and tasted. Is this how the genuine black forest  cake taste? The only way to find out is go to Germany.

My friend M liked this a lot. I had a bite , that's all  because it's too sweet. The crust was thin but crispy. If only it had less sugar, I could eat a lot of this.

 Crisp Apple strudel with a nice apple filling. I liked it better than others.

Bei Otto German Restaurant and Pub from the outside

 Here's a look at how it is inside  the German Restaurant.


 Waitress wearing a German costume

Eating good food, surrounded with good people. Nice evening indeed. What more could I ask for?

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