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September 18, 2012

The Convenience of Pancake and Waffle Mix

When I attended the Food and Hotel Trade Show, I'd  met and talked to many bakery suppliers in the city. As a baker, I have to establish contact with these people to gain more information about their products and compare their prices and services. One company representative I met had given me a sample of pancake and waffle mix. I love cooking and baking from scratch so it was left sitting in the cabinet for many days. 

Last Saturday, the Children's Ministry Department was scheduled to lead out in the Sabbath School Program. My sister being the one in-charge of the program had to be in church  before 8. I didn't want to miss the kids' program so I got up just a few minutes after  she got  up. I headed to the kitchen to start cooking breakfast.  The moment I saw the pancake mix, I knew what  I had do.

These pancakes made a tasty breakfast in a flash. I just added soy milk, butter and eggs, beat them for 2 minutes, added raisins and fried.

Nice, fluffy pancakes.

When  life gets hectic, it's just smart to have food mixes for convenience.

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