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September 21, 2012

The Aston Gastro Bar at Crystal Design Center, Bangkapi

Aston Gastro Bar has been featured several times in food magazine and on TV. The restaurant is considered to be one of the best in Thailand. The owner who is also the chef, is a friend and former classmate at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School. Eating at Aston was at the top of my  to-do list for months. Since most of us live in the suburb, my friends and I will always hit  the city center every time we  dine out. So my chances of experiencing fine dining food which Aston offers are slim.

This week, a friend was in town for business. I proposed taking her out to dinner. I suggested we check out my friend's restaurant at CDC. Imagine how big my smile was when they all agreed! I couldn't wait!

Five of us went to Crystal Design Center on Monday evening. As my friend pulled over at the parking lot we saw the restaurant's banner. My excitement grew.

I forgot to check Aston's exact location at CDC.  My friends and I had already walked  half of the entire length of CDC looking for it when we saw a security guard. We asked for direction andhe pointed us to the direction where we came from. How annoying. We went back and saw the Aston banner one more time. Because we were busy chatting, we did not realize to check the banner when we saw it the first time.

The facade of Aston Gastro Bar

Drinks Menu

Paper placemats

It was a great reunion between my friend Zra and I. We had not seen each other since we graduated from the culinary school in 2010.  The wine was on the house. My friends and I were delighted to receive a warm welcome. Thanks Chef Zra!!!!

The restaurant has a laid-back atmosphere.

The bar

The picture doesn't do any justice. :)

We were served hot and crispy croissant while waiting for our order.

Zra recommended the tuna tartare for a starter . It was served with Asian pear. It cost Thai Baht 195. I would say it's one good appetizer you shouldn't miss when you are at Aston Gastro Bar.

My order was chicken served with asparagus,caramelized onion and job's tears? (correct me if I'm wrong Zra). I loved how the different flavors of the spices burst in my mouth. The meat was tender too. I loved it. Price is Thai Baht 395.

My sister ordered Spaghetti served with salmon. The caper added a subtle flavor to it. It cost Thai Baht 345. Wonderful dish.

Irene's order was Mentaiko, a pasta dish served with crab meat. Price is Thai Baht 345.

Pam ordered Spaghetti Carbonara with half -boiled egg, ham and bacon. Price is Thai Baht 335.

Mag's order was pork loin. It cost Thai Baht 375.

Who could resist a gourmet meal like this?

Looking for a place to relax in the evening or experience fine dining,  check out Aston Gastro Bar at Crystal Design Center, Bangkapi. I tell you,  you won't regret it.

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