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September 15, 2012

My favorite morning and evening drink

One of the many loots I took home from  the Food and Hotel Trade Show last week was this roasted grain with lactobacillus powdered drink. I was looking for a soy milk powder but instead found this. It instantly caught my attention. The Korean lady at the counter asked me if I wanted to try it. I nodded. There were three flavors available - Yam, Ginkgo and Mixed Grains. I chose the latter. My friend chose Ginkgo. She asked me how do I prefer it, hot or cold. I chose cold. She put a teaspoon of the powdered drink into a small plastic cup, poured cold milk and stirred. I drank it. Ahhh, it's mash-eet-da (informal way of saying delicious in Korean). I was immediately smitten. I took a little sip of Ginkgo and I didn't like it.  There's more to see at the trade show so I didn't buy it right away. I don't like having to carry heavy stuff as I walk around.I promised to come back. And before leaving the trade show, I bought Mixed Grains Powdered Drink.

It is a product of Korea.

Made from black rice, rye, non-glutinous rice, lactobacillus, soybean, Alpha corn starch, uncleaned rice (unpolished maybe), black sesame, glutinous rice, African millet,, malt, corn, black bean, etc.

So how do you prepare it?

Just place three- four tablespoon of the powdered drink mix into a glass. Pour 200 ml cold milk/soy milk. Stir until dissolved. For best result, add ice. I did and it's way too good. You can also drink it hot but you don't get same result when it's cold.

 I drink it hot before going to work and cold before bed time.

According to the Korean lady I spoke to, there's a shop at the basement of Central Ladprao selling this for Thai Baht 640 if I'm not mistaken. I got this cheap at  Thai Baht 590 at the event.

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