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September 9, 2012

The 20th Food and Hospitality Event at BITEC Bangna - Warning! These images will make you hungry!

I got invited to the 20th International  Food and Hospitality Trade Show held at BITEC Bangna from September 5-8 2012. It was my third time to participate in the event. As  expected, it did not disappoint. I was able to establish more contact with distributors/suppliers, experience  firsthand the new products and services offered and expand my knowledge on the latest developments and trends in the hospitality industry.

Here's a peek at some of the highlights of  Food and Hotel Trade Show.

Entrance to the trade show

Nippon Flour Mills

Frozen Fruits and Vegetables




Some  entries to a cooking competition

Cocktail  food

Muffins, cupcakes, scones, tartlets, religieuse

Glass desserts


Gingerbread House and cookies

Fondant-covered cupcakes



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