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June 27, 2014

June Wedding

Before I left for my holiday I was already informed what cake I would make for a wedding which was scheduled in late June. The couple liked the pale pink rustic round wedding cake I made a month early. The bride wanted similar design. She requested a square white chocolate mud cake in white butter icing. Easy but since I got back, the resort's occupancy has doubled. Meeting the demands is unbelievably difficult for me because I work alone. Given the amount of work I do now, I decided to  bake ahead so I could give myself time to fix whatever goes wrong.

I baked the cake a couple days in advance. Nothing went wrong.  I was quite happy I made the exact calculation for the needed portion. It is a pain in the neck when the yield is less than what you need and you have to do everything again from scaling the ingredients to baking. I chilled the cake overnight as it is easier to work with it when cold.  I did the icing and stacking  a day early. The flowers were added right before serving.

 I was drained and wanted to have another holiday but when my boss told me that everyone at the wedding loved my cake, I felt so much better. For me that is the best stress reliever I could get :)

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