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June 8, 2014

Jan Boy's Graduation Dinner Treat

A friend's son who was also a student of my sister graduated from kindergarten. To celebrate an important milestone in her only child's life, she invited close friends for a meal at Fuji Japanese Restaurant. My family and circle of friends are frequent diners at the restaurant. We like it for its extensive selection of Japanese dishes at very affordable prices.

We are familiar with the menu but choosing what to eat still takes a long time. I suggested we get  Fuji Green Tea in three different flavors - Natural, Fit and Tasty. Except for my sister who ordered hot green tea, the rest of us shared the cold beverage.

Having been born on the island, my sister and I had fish as staple food. Even when eating out, I always go for a fish dish. My order was a salmon and saba steak set with tofu, kimchi, miso soup and rice.

Yakizakana Nishouku Set Thai Baht 150

A cousin ordered one of her favorites at Fuji.  The sukiyaki-ju set also has miso soup, tofu, kimchi and rice
Beef Sukiyaki -Ju Set Thai Baht 155

The mom and another friend both had Yakiniku beef set with sauteed veggies on the side. The set includes  miso soup, kimchi, rice and salad.
Yakiniku Beef Thai Baht 190

Here is another favorite. Tofu steak is always part of our meal when dining at Fuji.
Tofu Steak  Thai Baht 85
My sister went for salmon noodle soup. The broth was so good. I could eat more but my tummy already sent me signal to stop.
Salmon Nabe Thai baht 230

Here is the graduate with his favorite salmon garlic rice topped with sunny side up.
Salmon Garlic Fried Rice Thai Baht 90

Just one group shot before leaving.

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