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June 9, 2014

A Birthday Dinner Treat At Origano Restaurant

I made a timely return to Bangkok for two important occasions. One was to attend NIVA International Kindergarten graduation, the other was to join a family friend's birthday celebration. There was two-day interval between the two but I was booked up even on the day in between. I was out feasting on Friday - partaking food of all sorts after the graduation and continuing with Jan Boy's dinner treat.  The feast continued on Saturday at a friend's condo.  On the day of the birthday dinner, I had light breakfast, skipped in-between meals and avoided heavy lunch so I could make room for yet another wonderful meal. I was glad I made the decision. Otherwise I would not enjoy a feast of pizza and pasta. Two of my favorites!

My friend chose an old time favorite place, a restaurant called Origano in Ladprao. He hadn't visited the place for a while but he could still remember how he liked its pizza. I was more than happy to oblige. I am a pasta/noodle girl. I discovered my love for pasta at an early age. Noodles became my chosen food when I was living in China. So feed me with pasta daily, I would not complain.

The restaurant sign at Ram Inthra- At Narong expressway is too small anyone could miss it especially during the night so watch out for it while driving. Once you get to Yotthin Pattana, finding it is easy as it has big sign outside.

The staff at the restaurant were still setting the tables when we got there. I walked around to check out the place while we waited. The wood-fired oven is in an open work station so customers can watch as they make their pizza.
Wood-fired oven


Many of us ordered iced lemon tea.

A friend had lemonade

We enjoyed a complimentary bread with salsa. Not fresh but the salsa made up for it.

The waiter was already finished  taking our orders when we realized nobody ordered salad. I suggested we get a serving of Greek salad and share it. As soon as the waiter put  this down  on the table, everyone grabbed their fork and dunked it on the plate.

The vegetarians and I shared margarita pizza. I liked the crusty base but I would prefer if they put more cheese on top. For me, the more cheese on pizza the tastier it gets.

The non-vegetarians enjoyed salami pizza.

The celebrant and my cousin had rigatoni with meat sauce. They shared it with everyone. I wish it had more sauce.I find it dry. Well, it's just my observation.

Two friends both ordered spicy spaghetti aglio e olio topped with bacon bits. I don't eat bacon or any pork dishes due to religious purposes so I couldn't compare it with the same dish I had at other Italian restaurants.

If my sister is a white sauce girl, I am the opposite. Although I like carbonara, I prefer my pasta in tomato sauce. I was planning on getting a spaghetti bolognese. As I browsed the menu, my eyes focused on  ricotta/spinach ravioli. It reminded me of the ravioli I make at work. We use mascarpone cheese in our ravioli so my inquisitive mind said take the dish and compare. Not being bias but I would go for mascarpone cheese/spinach combo.

Another friend ordered pomodoro. She was sitting at the far end of the table. I was munching some ravioli, I still had to finish  my sister's penne. My cousin offered her pasta so I completely forgot to try it.

I was surprised when my sister ordered penne with salmon tomato sauce. She's a carbonara girl. She loves salmon but prefers any pasta in white sauce.  I offered my ravioli to her. She liked it better so we swapped our food.

With all the carbo we had, we didn't think our tummies could still have a spot for dessert so we skipped it.  We were about to leave the restaurant when the owner, who was there the entire time  asked us to stay for some dessert. (She might have overheard our conversation).  Tiramisu cake and it's on the house! As we sang happy birthday, a staff brought our treat. We each had a spoon or two. We were united with our verdict that it was glorious.

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