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June 5, 2014

Home-cooked Meals Are Always The Best

A family friend hosted a home cooked meal when I went to her condo for a visit. She had been away for months. She only got back from America not too long ago but I hadn't seen her since she arrived. When she learned about my plan to come back to Bangkok for a holiday, she invited my family over for dinner. Living on the island and working long hours had deprived me of good home-cooked dishes. I wouldn't turn down such an invitation from an excellent cook so me, my sister and other relatives went.

We caught each other up on all the gossip and talked about  current events while the host was cooking in the kitchen. We enjoyed a few hours of chatting before we finally sat together for the climax of the day. Feasting!

Sauteed veggies
Dory steak cooked using a mixture of teriyaki sauce and soy sauce and topped with green peas.

Filipino-style spaghetti with spicy chicken sausage. It may be lacking in sauce but it was delish.

Moringa soup with fish balls was loved by everyone. Simple yet so nutritious.

Vegan satay my sister brought so our vegan friends could enjoy
Orange juice my friend made by combining real oranges and juice in a bottle.

Just like the old times. Wish the whole family were here. Miss u Kath

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