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June 12, 2014

Dining At Santa Fe

Since I got back in Bangkok, my family and friends were busy planning where to eat our next meal. Sometimes, my sister would just tell me not to bother cooking because we were going out to have dinner. There were times when I would get a text message from friends inviting me and the girls to eat together. I rarely go out on the island because I'm either too exhausted or uninterested. When I commented that we ate out a lot, they said they wanted me to have the time of my life because I had missed out on a lot of happenings. SWEET. I am blessed to have family and friends who truly care.

One time, I was in the middle of making a rainbow loom band when I heard a prompting on my phone. I went to check what the message was. It was from my sister. She, a cousin and a friend had just finished exercising. She asked me to get dressed and to meet them at the gym. I knew what she meant. The gym is located on the top floor of a shopping mall where many restaurants are also located. I got to the mall. I sent a text message saying I would be at the waiting area in front of the cinema. Only a few minutes later, they came. They announced we're eating together.  Since I was the visitor,they let me choose the restaurant but I said anywhere would do. A fried suggested Santa Fe. It has no branch on the island where I live.  We dined at the restaurant several times in the past. The food is decent and the price is affordable. And it was right in front of us. We were all hungry so why be choosy. Off we went.

We shared a small serving of Caesar salad.

My cousin ordered this creamy spinach soup. It's also my sis favorite at the restaurant.

My sister made sure to get carbonara. This time it was pasta with tuna white sauce.

My cousin also had chicken steak with mushroom sauce. It came with fries, a slice of canned pineapple and salad. She shared some of her chicken with me. It was moist and tender. A good deal for it's price.

A friend had chicken steak with barbecue sauce. It came with a German sausage, salad, fries and pineapple. I preferred the chicken steak my cousin ordered.

I ordered mashed potato with cheese on top and spaghetti bolognese with tuna.

I think the portion of the fries with chicken steak was too small for my friend so he ordered another serving  with cheese on top.Nothing fancy.

I was the one who finished  last.  There must be some confusion between the one who took my order and the kitchen. I asked for spaghetti with tuna sauce. It was not once but twice when they brought me a different dish. My friend asked for the manager because apparently the lady who brought the plate could not understand what we were saying. My friend talked to the manager. She promised to bring my food this time. Minutes later, another lady came with the wrong dish again. I was getting impatient because my sister, cousin and friend had long finished eating. My wait had been longer than half an hour. My tummy began gurgling when it finally came. At last. I didn't waste any time to finish it up.

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