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July 1, 2014

Korean Dining At Tudari

While vacationing in Bangkok, I quickly developed an urge for Korean food. It might have to do with me knowing that I had so many choices  in the city unlike on the island where I live where the only Korean restaurant I know is miles away.

When I was with my cousin at Central World to attend the Philippine Fair, I suggested we go Korean. I had eaten almost everything except for it.  I only had a few days left before I return to the island and being in a big shopping mall where they have restaurants of all sorts seemed to be a perfect timing. The event was not starting til 2 in the afternoon. We arrived at the venue early - around lunch time. It was the best time to hunt for a decent place. We were on the escalator going up the top floor when we spotted one right away. Without hesitation, we went in.

I was not thinking why I ordered milk tea at a Korean resto. I love this  drink. I decided I wanted it as soon as I saw the drinks menu. I should have just ordered iced lemon tea coz the one I had lacked the creaminess that  a Thai milk tea should have.

The resto only serves three banchans (side dishes). Quite surprising coz other Korean restaurants I have been to have an extensive choices of side dishes.

My cousin had bibimbap, a dish with rice and side dishes, served with red pepper paste and sesame oil, except that this one was served without the latter. It made a difference with the absence of sesame oil.

I had soybean paste stew. It had the spiciness of a Thai dish. I was wiping sweat off my face while eating. It is one of my favorites but truthfully, I did not enjoy it. The spiciness was intolerable.

The set meal.

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