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November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner at Mark's and AFF Suzuki Cup 2012

My weekend was full of food, fun and laughter. I had never been this busy on a weekend for ages. I attended two events on Saturday. One was the Thanksgiving dinner a friend hosted. The other one was the ASEAN Football Federation Suzuki Cup 2012 held at Rajamangala National Stadium.

On Saturday I went to a Thanksgiving celebration at a friend's house.  Mark's family has the tradition to throw a Thanksgiving potluck for all their friends, former Thai students and colleagues every year.  He invited me a few weeks back. It's been a while since my last Thanksgiving so I did not refuse the invitation.

It was a potluck dinner held at Mark's residence. Every one/group showed up with a dish or dessert. My two friends and I brought pumpkin pie. Mark roasted  turkey. He also prepared bean salsa and a cabbage dish. His former Thai students had never had roast turkey so they were all excited to try it. When the turkey was served , the irresistible aroma filled the air and his former students were the first to gather round the dining table to get their share.

 Bean salsa Mark prepared. I liked the balance of flavor and color. I will surely reconstruct this at home.

I forgot to ask the name of this dish with a buttery taste.

 This whole bird weighed 9.9 kilograms and cost 1900 Thai Baht ($63). It took 7.5 hours to roast this thing.

Flavorful turkey stuffing.

 A very sweet Thai dessert called Thong Yib and Thong Yod (Yolk-Egg Golden Pinch and Golden Droplets)  brought by Mark's former students.

 Another pumpkin pie brought by Mark's American colleague and his wife.

 Another sweet treat Mark's former students brought to the potluck.

 Our simple Thanksgiving dinner. My pumpkin pie/tart is the big, rectangular one.

 Mark's daughter M. She likes being called Princess.

 Mark struggled with carving the roast turkey.

 First batch. More people were coming.

 A gathering of three nations.

 Here's one of Mark's former students eating turkey leg barbarically. Well, he enjoyed it.

I didn't stay long at Mark's  as I had another engagement that evening. I went home to rest for a bit. Shortly after I woke up from a quick nap, my sister, cousin and I left again for the SUZUKI Cup.  The Philippines was playing against Thailand.

There was a downpour earlier so the three of us bought  rain coat sold outside the stadium. The weather cooperated after a few minutes.

 Here comes the AZKALS! BOW- WOW!!!  No, the game did not start here. This was just a warm up.

Warm up

 Let the games begin!

 Filipino fans and supporters cheering for the AZKALS

Yanhee Hospital's Filipino fans


With Denis Santos Wolf. He didn't play due to an ankle injury.

During the 2nd quarter, the AZKALS scored a goal! WooHoo!

Thailand wins!

 With Misagh Bahadoran and some random Pinay

I enjoyed a night full of fun and action.

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