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November 28, 2012

Minnie Mouse Cake for Ainsley Quinn's 6th Birthday

Ainsley Quinn turned six. Her mother Joy requested me to make Ainsley's favorite Minnie Mouse cake as she was going to have a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party.

Joy and Ainsley both love vanilla and strawberry so I baked vanilla butter cake. I used strawberry jam as a filling for the cake. I frosted it with vanilla butter cream which I tinted in pink. I applied the first coat of butter cream on the cake so it will seal the crumbs and make the cake smooth. I kept the cake in the fridge to chill. I applied the second coat after chilling the cake for an hour.

I tinted the leftover pink butter cream with burgundy. I think the shade turned out great! Using a small star piping tip, I piped the butter cream to create a nice design on the side of the cake.

 My idea was  Minnie Mouse in the garden. When I finished decorating the side, I made a pathway on top of the cake by piping two lines in the middle. I colored another batch of butter cream with green. I don't have a complete set of piping tip so I used the small star piping tip again to pipe  grass  in the garden. I didn't put too much pressure as I piped  because I didn't want the grass to look like stars.

I added more drops of  green icing color to the butter cream I used for the grass to get a darker shade. I used it for bushes.Then I piped  small dots of burgundy butter cream on the bushes for the buds.

To create little flowers on the grass, I piped  yellow and red butter cream using a very small round piping tip

I tinted the  remaining white butter cream with purple and used it to make decorative borders along the base of the cake.

I printed the inscription on a photo paper. I taped a skewer on the back of the paper and stick it into the cake. Lastly, I put Minnie Mouse cake topper on the middle.

Ainsley loved her cake!

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