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June 1, 2012

A Feast Fit for Hungry Working Women

When my big sis and I got home yesterday from work, we were both feeling drained and exhausted. I usually do the cooking because I come home earlier than her but last night I was not in mood to whip up dinner and so was she. 

After a quick check of  the fridge for any leftovers, I found Champorado (Filipino chocolate rice porridge) which I cooked the previous night and a whole piece of fried dried fish.The porridge wasn't enough for our rumbling tummies.  So I made egg sandwich.  Although we only had lettuce and tomatoes, the veggies were enough to make a simple salad which we coated with thousand island dressing.

Our lost of energy resulted  to excessive eating last night but it satisfied our famished stomach. Well, just this once.

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