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June 7, 2012

Congratulatory and Farewell Dinner Rolled Into One

Our Friday night dinner was cut short last week by a phone call from Irene's relative. Her nieces Jentii and Joneesa had graduated from high school that day and would be going back home to Malaysia the following day. When she hung up, she said she was leaving early to take the two girls for a meal. I suggested we all go with her so we could say goodbye to the girls and get dessert later.

We let the girls chose the restaurant. They ordered  food. Irene and my sis went to a coffee shop opposite the restaurant to buy cakes. We gorged on our dessert while the two girls enjoyed their "last supper" in the Land of Smiles.

Opera is a French cake layered with Chocolate Ganache and Coffee butter cream. I had eaten a far better Opera than this.

We thought green tea was a perfect complement to cake

Our least favorite was white chocolate cake

For me this orange cake stood out among all the cakes we bought

A cake layered with chocolate,  mocha and vanilla butter cream

Red Velvet Cake

 Wishing Jentii and Joneesa a Happy Graduation!!!! God bless on your journey that lies ahead

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