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June 29, 2012

Dinner And IKEA At Mega Bangna Kilometer 8 Bangna-Trat Road

Before hitting the malls, me, my sister and our circle of friends make sure our tummies are half-empty. We do this to make room for the indulgence we want later. Last Sunday, we were at Mega Bangna, billed to be the largest low-rise shopping mall in South-East Asia. (Not sure if that is true though). We checked a few of its 800 shops and we spent almost the entire afternoon at IKEA.  The time we were at the Swedish furniture store, I was on cloud 9.  Home products just blow me away.

Towards the end of our IKEA  visit, our stomach began to growl. That's when we headed for the exit to look for food. We almost walked the whole length of the mall before we found the area where the restaurants were located. We had two choices -  to eat at Bibimbap Korean Restaurant or at the restaurant right next to it - Pepper Lunch, a Japanese Teppan Restaurant. We checked each restaurant's menu and weighed the priced. We reckoned to go Japanese.

My sister ordered salmon pepper rice. The miso soup and egg didn't come with the dish but they were available as a side dish.The waiter said the rice menu had to be mixed evenly. She did and it turned out wonderfully. I had to reach over to get spoonful of it a few times.

Our friend had root beer. My sister and I both had green tea. It is our favorite drink  when we dine out. The tea came with a syrup. It had to be stirred in before you drink the tea.

Mags ordered  salmon and chicken combo and a side dish of miso soup. She had not eaten  since 10 am - she could eat a horse.

I had teriyaki chicken with egg, vegetable and a side dish of mashed potato. The chicken was moist, tender and juicy. A far cry from the chicken steak I had at Asiatique The Riverfront.

I snapped a picture of all the dishes before I dig in.

The huge mall sign. Anyone driving along kilometer 8 won't miss it.

Mega Bangna at night.

Front view

The best part of our mall trip was spending time at IKEA.

 The showrooms melt my heart. I could spend the whole day here.

 Me and sis pretended this was our dining area.

I'm definitely going back.

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