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July 20, 2014

Cafe 'n' Seoul

Finally my search for a place where I can get Korean dishes at affordable prices is over. A close friend brought me to Cafe 'n' Seoul in Chaweng a week ago. It was the nicest surprise I got that day. All this time I had been looking for a cheap Korean restaurant and the search was unfruitful. Thanks to a Korean acquaintance who recommended the place I now have a new place to frequent.

Cafe Seoul doesn't have a wide range of choices. I browsed through every page of the menu trying to look for my favorite soybean paste soup but to no avail. I felt relieved though when I saw bibimbap. At least they make another favorite of mine. That was all that mattered.

My friend and I had a hard time deciding on drinks. There were iced rice latte and ginkgo latte we both wanted to try but the ginkgo drink was out of stock. Bummer. After a quick "conference", we agreed I get the iced rice latte and she went for hot matcha green tea latte.
Matcha green tea latte

Rice latte was oh so yummy.
Rice latte

I only tried two of their dishes,  bibimbap and a stir-fried ramyeon dish (instant noodles) with rice cake and fish cake. (I forget the name). Bibimbap comes in two varieties. Vegetarian and pork bulgogi. My friend and I both had the vegetarian.  At Thai Baht 100, it was unbelievably cheap for a nutritious and tasty meal. I really think I got a good deal on it. The vegetarian bibimbap was served with carrots, cucumber, mushrooms, lettuce, fresh seaweed, sunny side up and dried seaweed on top. Absolutely lovely!

The kimchi was served along with red chilli paste sauce on the side. Yum!

 Here's the ramyeon dish my friend and I shared.  It was stir-fried instant noodles with carrots, fish cake, rice cake and cabbage. It was moderately spicy so my tongue and tummy were fine. It was so good but having both carbo was way too much. We both couldn't eat no more. I so wanted to take the leftover home but I knew it would not make it back home. My friend and I were going shopping right after and it would go off real quick being in the heat for so long. I felt bad leaving a still ample amount on the plate.
Price Thai Baht 300

Here's what we had.

 It was a lovely meal. I can't wait to go back to Cafe 'n' Seoul and try other stuff they offer.The restaurant is located across from the big lake in Chaweng.


The kitchen 

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