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July 13, 2014

M & Ms Cookies - The Trials

I wanted to serve colorful goodies for the resort's turn down service. M & Ms cookie came to mind. I hadn't had a chance to make something vibrant before. I browsed through online gallery and searched for recipes to get a picture of how it was done. There were hundreds of them. I could not decide which way to go. The only way to get a good result was to do a trial run before giving it a final go. So I did. Just thinking how they would turn out got me excited.

I got different results. With the first batch, I put little scoops of dough on the baking sheet, flattened the dough and put M & Ms on top. I  only put 2 on each since it was a test. The first batch turned out hard and crispy. Not exactly what I aimed for.

I  made a new dough for the second batch. I divided M & Ms and fold in  half of the chocolate into the dough. I scooped double amount of  dough onto the baking sheet this time. I also skipped flattening the dough and my decision worked out.  I used the remaining M & Ms to garnish the top of each  dough before baking. The result was even better. Although some M & Ms were buried in the dough while the cookies were being baked, the cookie turned out soft and chewy. That's the result I was looking for. I stick to the second process and made nice cookies for our guests.

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