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July 10, 2014

Back At Ethos After Two Years

It was my last night in Bangkok. Me and the gang had agreed to meet for an evening out for the last time before I returned to my simple life on the island.  We chose Khao San Road because of its proximity to the area we were at. I was on the boat to Khao San Road with the girls when I remembered Ethos vegetarian restaurant. It was 2012 when I dined there for the first time. My vegetarian sister and cousin, who is not vegetarian but eats many vegetarian dishes, would love the food for sure. I didn't really think much how would my omnivorous friends like the idea of having an all plant-based dishes that night. I suggested they try it just once.  I think the only reason they agreed was because I was the  "guest" for the night. Haha.

We were waiting for other friends to arrive when my two friends ordered pad Thai from a hawker. We could smell the aroma from where we were standing. They couldn't resist the good smell it emitted so they went and bought two. They were huge servings. I joined in. Wrong decision. I already had fries and fried chicken at KFC only an hour before that. By the time we got to the restaurant, I was almost full. There's only room for dessert.

Every thing from drinks to desserts are homemade. I had mango lassi, my cousin ordered banana lassi.
Mango lassi and banana lassi

We were seated in two separate tables. When the beetroot and carrot juice were served on the other table, I didn't really bother  asking my friends if I could have a sip. There's always next time. I bet they were good.

My sister had blueberry smoothie and my friend had strawberry smoothie. I prefer lassis.

One of my friends feels overwhelmed with some spices.She ordered hummus and pita bread. It was good but she thought the cumin overpowered the dip. She had a few bites before giving it away. I loved it.

Hummus and pita bread

A male friend ordered spaghetti carbonara. He was kind of disappointed when he tasted the cream sauce. He only ate a quarter. It tasted like coconut cream. It's a healthier version but not quite palatable for him.

Another male friend and his wife  ordered spring rolls. Crispy and delicious.

I got a banana pancake made from pure wheat, served with coconut cream on the side.

My sister ordered vegetarian burger. With all the stuffing from greens, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes and a huge vegetarian patty, it was filling.  It was served with side salad. She liked it.

My friend T ordered lasagna on my recommendation.

My cousin had fried chicken and fries with me earlier so she also thought dessert would be the only thing she could eat. She ordered blueberry pancake. I didn't share  with her. I had it before. It was so so good, a must try for everyone who likes eating healthy.

One happy group.

Some of my friends did not enjoy the food at Ethos. We went to another restaurant. My cousin and I left them  to get foot massage across the street. They had pizza while we were comfortably sitting on our chairs having our massage. We went back to the restaurant after an hour and  found them still eating.  It was past midnight when we finished. We were so full and still so alive but we had to say our goodbyes. I had a flight to catch the next day. It was an evening well spent. Miss you guys!

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