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January 4, 2013

A Glimpse of Marinduque - The Heart of the Philippines

Highlights of my quick visit to my hometown, Marinduque.

Riding the roll -on/roll-off ship (Roro) to Marinduque

 Early signs of an approaching typhoon.

Despite my busy schedule, I took a few moments  to burn off holiday calories. Me, my sister, cousins and some friends hiked to Kawilihan Park.

 Ancestral houses in Gasan, Marinduque.

After our descent from Kawilihan Park, we headed to Tres Reyes Park located along the beach. (Three Reyes Park)

Gasan's hanging bridge connecting the town and a barrio

 Tres Reyes Islands - Gaspar, Melchor, Baltazar

The girls and I proceeded to Villa Alulod, a farm owned by my uncle in the barrio (village),  to have some fresh young coconut.
My uncle opening  young coconut

 Drinking young coconut water the traditional way!

Chickens run free inside Villa Alulod.

 Harvesting sinturis (dalandan) - a kind of citrus fruit in Philippines.

 This Gabaldon building in Gasan, Marindque was used as a garrison by the  Japanese during their Philippine occupation.

 A Christmas tradition in my town showing Joseph and Mary walking around town looking for a place to hide after Herod ordered that all male infants and boys under two years of age be killed .

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