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January 20, 2013

Celebrating Irene's Birthday at SEE 180, Sukhaphiban 3

I haven't been on much lately. With all the work at the hotel plus the time I consume commuting to work every day, I can barely get time to keep my dear readers posted. Pardon my late entries.

Two weeks ago,  I got invited to Irene's birthday dinner. She took the group  to a restaurant in a gated community not far from home. In the middle of the whole area is an artificial lake.  It was an intimate venue for the occasion attended by her close friends.

I sat in awe as I looked around the vicinity. There are big houses around the lake. The affluent mansion on the left caught not just my eyes but the rest as well. I liked it so much that I imagined living in it the whole night I was there.

A few minutes after we were seated, the manager came with some fish feed. He gave it to us and said we could feed the fish while waiting for our orders. Look how the fish enjoyed their meal.

More houses by the lake.

 Leading to the main road.

In just a few moments our drinks  arrived!

1. Raspberry smoothie
2. Blueberry mint smoothie
3. Some smoothie with lychee on top. Can't remember the name.
4. Coconut smoothie

Moments later, the dishes came one after another.

1. Fried chicken with Thai herbs
2. Deep-fried tilapia with chilli sauce
3. Chicken pizza
4. Beef appetizer

1. Mushroom tomyam
2. Pla kapong neung manao (steamed fish in lime sauce)

1. Stir-fried veggies
2. Gai pad med mamuang himaphan (Thai fried chicken with cashews))
3. Stir-fried chayote leaves
4. Sauteed cashews

A toast for the birthday celebrant

Complimentary fruit for us.

Not all guests were given sky  lanterns that night but since it's Irene's birthday, she got one to fly.

Irene, Josh and I were waiting for the sky lantern to be filled with sufficient hot air before we launched it.

Off it went!

Up, up and away!!!!

The birthday girl with a cute little cake, courtesy of the restaurant again.

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