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January 2, 2013

My Holiday Food in the Philippines

I'm back! To kick off my first blog entry in 2013, I'm going to share photos of food I feasted on during my recent Philippine trip. Hope you enjoy.


1. Mom's homemade soymilk
2. Vegan pancake made of soy pulp, young coconut, mashed banana and flour.
3. Oatmeal topped with banana slices. (My uncle supplied us with loads of bananas while there).
4. Pan de sal - a bread roll made of flour, eggs, yeast, sugar and salt.

Meat and fish

I'm trying to be vegetarian but I couldn't resist to have a little bit of meat dishes in Philippines.

1. Filipino-style  stuffed roast chicken with  sauce
2. Beef and young baby corn in white sauce
3. Bistek Tagalog is Filipino version of Beef steak
4. Chicken with coconut milk
5. Tortang dulong (silverfish omelet)
6. Balisongsong na dulong ( steamed silverfish wrapped in banana leaf)

Vegetarian dishes

 1. Chop suey  is a popular Filipino-Chinese vegetable dish
2. Ginisang kalabasa sa tubig (squash sauted in water)
3. Ginataang gabi ( Taro in coconut milk)
4. Tofu dish

Noodles and Pizza

 1. Pancit Bihon  (Filipino rice noodles)
2. Filipino style Bolognese
3. Filipino style vegetarian carbonara
4. Chicken pizza

Kakanin ( Filipino Native Delicacies)

 1. Bico (Filipino sticky rice cake topped with latik
2. Banana que (Filipino fried banana)
3.Suman ( Filipino sticky rice cooked in coconut milk and steamed in banana leaf)
4. Bibingka (sweet, moist cake made from rice or cassava flour)
5. Bukayo (Coconut candy made from strips of young coconut)
6. Sinalab na saging ( mashed banana, wrapped in banana leaves and pan grilled)

More food....

 1. Lechetin (Combination of leche flan recipe cooked with gelatin)
2. More suman
3. Melon
4. Papaya

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