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October 29, 2012

Ranu's 11th Birthday Cakes

Two Sundays ago, a friend from church called me to order cakes for her daughter's birthday. She loves chocolate but her daughter specifically requested vanilla cake. To meet both requests, my friend asked me to make 2 cakes,  chocolate and vanilla.  She told me to make big chocolate cake because she's bringing it to the church potluck and a small vanilla cake which her daughter can enjoy all by herself.

Here is the vanilla cake I made for her daughter Ranu. The cake was vanilla chiffon. I tinted the butter cream pink to make the cake look more girly. I added a wavy line on  top of cake by running a triangular cake decorating comb. I used basket weave piping tip  for the sides of cake.

I used a very fine piping tip for  the inscription.Using the same tip I also piped white butter cream on the shells to create a nice border.

And here's the chocolate cake I made for the church's potluck. Moist chocolate cake frosted with chocolate butter cream and topped with ganache.

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