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May 16, 2012

Chocolate Cake for Lily as she turns 4

Lily, one of my favorite kids in church turns 4. Her mom surprised her with a cake I made. I was not able to attend her birthday get-together after church. When I met her mom days after, she told me how Lily loved her cake. I pictured her in Sabbath dress, smiling while holding her cake. I felt good.

The mother specifically asked for a chocolate cake because that is what her daughter likes. I thought pink would really look cute but there's no way I could turn the chocolate's brown color to pink. I had ganache in the fridge. The ganache was already in the  right spreading consistency so I used that as a filling then I masked the cake with it. I applied the second coating using pink vanilla butter cream.

I know how Lily loves animals.I designed the cake with farm animals and she went gaga over it.

Here she is during Sabbath School.

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