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May 24, 2012

A Welcome Dinner to Our New Balinese Friends

It is a tradition among my friends to hold a welcome dinner for our guests visiting the country. On Saturday night, we finally got to meet the adoptive daughters of  Dr. Roxy  who flew in from Bali, Indonesia. We all gathered in his house for the occasion. 

Boiled corn, salad and grilled salmon for dinner.

Armed with a spatula, Footo and I demonstrated our cooking skills.

The other girls prepared the salad

In the kitchen with Dr. Roxy and his adoptive Balinese daughters Daesak (in black shirt) and Footo (in green).

All smiles for the camera!

Thanks Dr. Roxy for the wonderful visit at your house!

 One last shot before saying good night.

To Footo, Daesak and Yuli, it's good to finally put a face to a name.  We are blessed to have your friendship in Bangkok!

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