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December 19, 2014

This Was So Last Minute

Imagine just having a little more than an hour before you finish for the day. It's quiet. Not a lot of craziness going on so you know you could leave early. You look forward to going home and yet you get a request for a birthday cake the last minute. I wasn't mentally prepared to do the task that day. I knew that if I rush it, I would be able to finish  before  time but being an OC myself, I was unable to resist the urge to make a beautiful creation. I took my time. I visualized the cake and I came up with this design. It's simple but the color combinations were strikingly good!

As usual, I was given the liberty to decide on the color and flavor which made the whole process easier and faster. I went for vanilla chiffon cake as it is moist, light and airy. It's also easy to whip up so I knew I could have my cake ready in 20-25 minutes. That's more than enough time to make butter cream.

The cake was for a female guest so I ditched the thought of making  chocolate frosting. I wanted to make a girly cake. I could do that if I stick to my initial plan to make vanilla butter icing. When I finished making the frosting,  I took a small portion, set it aside and  added pink to the rest. I was sure it would come in handy during decoration. I layered the cakes with the icing. I gave the crumb coat a few minutes to chill then applied the final coating. I used two small star piping tips for the decoration. I piped the plain and pink butter icing around the edges and the base in random. Once done, I added more pink to the pink butter cream. When I saw the result, I thought it would look good against the light shade. Using a very small round tip, I piped the dark pink between the gaps to fill them. I was happy with how it turned out. It added a nice touch to the cake.

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