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December 8, 2014

Farewell Dinner at DARA Samui

I'd been going out a lot lately. A friend was returning to her country for good. It would be long before we meet again so I took the last chances I could have to spend time with her. A few days before she left, I decided to use the Dara Samui gift voucher I got at our staff party in November. It's for Thai set menu good for 2 people.  It would be a perfect going-away dinner for someone who loves Thai food. I called the resort to make a reservation. The resort has two restaurants, one along the main road, the other on the beach. I requested for a table on the latter as we wanted to enjoy the night in peace and quiet.

Dinner would be served 7ish I was told. We were both excited that we arrived half an hour early. We were not the first customers to arrive. We saw a couple having drinks when we got there. I presented my dinner voucher to the man in-charge and we were led to our table. It was a few hop away from the beach. We could feel the  breeze and watch the sun set in the horizon. It was a perfect setting.

The moment we sat down, a waiter handed us the drinks menu. My friend who loves strawberries asked for strawberry smoothie. I had mango lassi. I would have enjoyed my drink if it were made with real mangoes but the fruit is not in season anymore.

The dinner voucher did not allow us to choose our menu option. I was surprised when the waitress served vegetarian spring rolls only a few minutes after we got our drinks. The filling was nice but I was expecting a crispy and crackly skin.

When I figured that we wouldn't have an option, I hurriedly told the waitress my meal preferences. No seafood if ever they serve us tom yam or any pork dishes. My friend was ok with anything. We didnt wait long until the three other dishes were served.

This tom yam chicken soup was not too sour and had a mild hotness. The staff knew we're not locals so they adjusted the level of hotness to our taste.  My friend loves this so I let her finished it all up.

Green curry chicken was thick and rich. I sipped the sauce and ate the eggplant on its own.

Despite the saltiness of this chicken cashew nut dish, I enjoyed it to the fullest. You cant say no to your favorite dish, can you? I had to refrain from pouring the sauce over my rice though.

The dishes were served altogether.

The service was quick. Soon as we finished, our fruits were served.

The restaurant set -up is ideal for romantic dinners. We noticed that many guests who went there for dinner were couples.

We enjoyed a serene view from our table.

The dining hall where they serve breakfast.

Another day had gone.

The only source of light we had on our table.

Looking forward to a nice bright sunny day.

The restaurant at night. Beautiful!