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December 29, 2014

Christmas Cake

Being in a tropical country at Christmas time means one thing - no white Christmas for me yet again. I miss the wintry feel associated with the holiday season. I long for a Christmas complete with real trees and snow! All these nostalgic Christmas celebrations in China made me decide to make my own winter wonderland on the Christmas cake. It's the closest I could do to get a white Christmas feel in  sunny Thailand.

I covered this fruit cake  with a layer of marzipan ( almond icing). I then smothered it in vanilla butter cream. I tinted rolled fondant in red and green and  cut out the words "Happy Christmas".

The plain fondant left over after I finished making all the decorations came in handy. The last thing I wanted to do was throw it. I made it into a snowman and put it in the middle of the cake. I liked to have colorful Christmas cake  so I sprinkled colorful jimmies all over the surface and added M & Ms peanut candies in red and green.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

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